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Dear friends, thank you for coming to the Asian international furniture material platform. In the purchase of products before, please take 5 minutes to understand shopping problems, which can not only save you a lot of time, but also avoid the transaction can be generated in the process of dispute, is to satisfy both sides.

Asia International Furniture Material Center of all my colleagues, thank you for your support and concern!

1, your price why than the entity shop is cheap?

Answer: Asia International Furniture Material Center is the factory direct supply of network marketing platform, relative to the traditional store sales, expenses saving the expensive store rent ( 400 ~ 600 a square for a month, general furniture store at least 200 square metre. Area plus pool ), furniture freight, door-to-door service charges (delivery, installation ), commodity tax, fee, shopping malls in deposit insurance activities, shopping, artificial fee, commercial utilities and so on, sometimes manufacturers invite star endorsement of the cost is needed around the level agents share. Therefore, net sales price than the store also benefit the behoove, because the current online direct marketing does not need to bear these costs.

2, the price can be cheaper?

Answer: Asia international furniture mall sales principle is" small profits and quick turnover". Unlike the entity shop shop, product prices are mostly sales quote you, then the customer counter-bid, the entire transaction process have plenty of fight in sb., embodies both the wisdom of game. The online shop is not the same,

One, the network without boundaries, one hour can navigate around the furniture, so online marketing competition is very large, customer choice is very much, we don't want to scare away customers a high price;

Two, we respect the buyers precious time, thanks to buyers of E home furnishing trust, we don't like in knowing the price situation, the bargain game play with your false display of affection;

Therefore, furniture materials store, hope that buyers do not keep your valuable time and energy on bargaining, if you bargain interest than on the product itself interest, so furniture materials store, please go to have a look if you don't at home, after a comparison, or think of furniture materials store, price reasonable, E home furnishing or will be 100% of the enthusiasm welcome you back! Furniture materials store, will strive to let you in my store to find the most suitable for your products, let you buy every piece of treasure, as one wishes, without a trace of regret! Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your cooperation!

3, furniture materials store product price includes shipping?

Answer: furniture accessories of bulk goods, the freight according to product volume, weight, destination distance difference is very big, furniture materials store pricing in order to give attention to the customer's interests and fair, therefore all products prices are not including freight. Accurate freight from the logistics company to charge customers according to the actual calculation.

4 bulk procurement notices


Of you to participate in the bulk purchase, according to the batch price place an order and complete payment; * bulk transaction buyers need to bear the freight, please according to the seller provides freight description, in place an order when filling the corresponding freight amount. Such as unclear freight payable amount, can contact the seller confirmation;

If you buy in large quantities, can be brought into the workshop, browse warehouse.

The quantity first send sample, the seller to pay the freight.

The electronic inventory equal to an agreement, in facsimile, determine, first payment after delivery.

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